18 Tenants and One Day – a landlord gave us a challenge

Gantuan, a student house letting agent based in Plymouth, approached us with a unique challenge. Having been renovating their brand new accommodation throughout the summer, they had 18 rooms to get on the market, in very little time.


It meant that we had just one open day before term started to find students for every single room, contracts and all.



The accommodation was market-leading, the university had in fact claimed it was the best on their database. We just needed to get students and their chaperones to walk through the doors, and let the rooms sell themselves.


We designed and implemented a handheld customer journey, that led visiting students- to-be around the city. When the students arrived to the University opening event, direct-response leaflets where handed to them on the way in.



As the sortie of students walked out into the thriving hub of the town, we designed a-frame pavement boards tempting them to explore the accommodation.


When they stepped onto the street, the properties to let stood out a mile, with oversized estate agents boards, and a bold, welcoming call to action. “Come In!”.



A direct response project wouldn’t be complete without some strong results.


Starting at 9am, every single room was taken by lunch, with a queue of bargaining students outside vying competitively for the the places already taken. What’s more, they went on to sign up for the accommodation for their entire 3 year course, providing the letting agent with a stable future income.