Launching a science tech company from Hewlett Packard that are changing the future of screens

Folium Optics is an exciting new company created by a team of scientific experts from Hewlett Packard Labs.


Folium set out to pioneer a new technology that allows screens to be made entirely of plastic, packed with all its advantageous properties – flexibility, robustness, and thin profile – and with some transformational bonus features like a remarkably low power consumption, and a screen that reflects sunlight to make it brighter outdoors.


They needed an identity that would allow them to approach potential partners and investors for commercialising their technology.



The Brand
Marriage worked with Folium Optics to help what makes them unique, and create an identity worthy of their scientific expertise and technology, providing creative direction to deploy this new brand across their digital and physical touch-points.


It was also essential we built in flexibility to the brand to accommodate a range of emerging opportunities that they were likely to persue . We designed the identity with flexibility to adapt it as the business evolves and their technology develops further, to align with the direction new channels.




The brand name can be stacked vertically with ‘optics’ as a descriptor sitting as subtext under the Folium mark. As future technologies evolve, ‘optics’ can be interchangeable to represent new ventures as individual sub-brands, making it an appropriate way of expanding the brand to adopt new technologies and opportunities they want to exploit.


At the heart of the technology is a system of layering plastics, and therefore the ‘F’ in the brandmark was stylised to reflect this, encompassing the values at a smaller scale where the dimensions of its application demanded.
The typeface appropriately reflects the flexible and curved nature of the screens.


It was also important that the brand translated well onto the technology itself, and therefore we worked to fit within the same colour spectrum that could be accurately matched by the technology.


The bold colours were chosen to show the intensity that is achievable on their low-powered displays.


Folium Labs, photo courtesy of Folium Optics


Original photo courtesy of Andrew Ferguson