Designing a brand and web store for a wedding dress retailer; the ultimate luxury.

Designing an online wedding store had its challenges. We had to embrace and overcome significant hurdles that Brides would have to when buying a wedding dress online.


This concept project was for a bridal shop that wanted to be at the cutting edge of the industry and offer a service not provided by it’s competitors. Marriage was approached for help in the positioning and branding of Dressy – before setting about the challenge of designing the online experience to mimic a typically physical purchase as closely as possible.

Trust was a crucial factor involved in the process of buying a wedding dress online: acknowledging that the market would still visit physical Bridal boutiques initially, but would return to the internet to find that dress. Dressy offered a wide range of styles at reasonable prices, but without being a purchase purely based on price proposition – the website had to give more than a local Bridal store.



Detailed imagery and explicit detail was placed at the forefront of the online store, giving brides enough information to make an informed purchase, showing close ups of fabric swatches and details of the dresses at every angle.


Marriage articulated the new brand using the language of a carefully crafted visual identity system, designed to convey reliability and quality.


Launch marketing and a careful combination pricing strategy was planned to encourage brides to order smaller accessories from the site, in order to build a strong word-of-mouth reputation and to overcome the trepidation involved with buying online.  Then we  implemented a marketing plan aimed at educating consumers and targeting the purchase of the dress as a convenience and choice proposition.