Brand led design brings a school to life with Google Maps style ‘pointer’ signage

We developed a brand hierarchy for a college in Nottingham, and bought it to life in a radical signage concept inspired by Google maps.



A college in Nottingham renowned for both its academic performance and adoption of the latest teaching tools approached us with a problem. Their school had outgrown its buildings several times, and the resulting sprawl of buildings was uncoordinated and hard to navigate. The melee of bricks and mortar represented architectural styles from over a century, and the shining reputation of the school was unsupported by the experience on-site.



Our Process


Working with senior teachers from a range of subjects, we developed a brand hierarchy that for the first time, gave a consistent identity to each subject. Using a colour palette and the family of subject logos, we were able to superimpose a consistent visual thread across the campus, tying the buildings together with the subjects themselves; positioning academia at the very heart of the school.



Outdoors, we developed a radical signage concept, to make sense of all the buildings. It thrust forward the school’s drive to be cutting edge, inspired by both the symbolism of Google Maps, and the intuitive ease-of-use. Bold signs appear to pop-out from the roofline of each building, minimising any thought from ‘navigation’ – making it naturally clear which direction to take.