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  • Some of the best (and forgotten-about) brand stunts in recent years, and why they work

    Here’s a run-down of some of the best PR stunts in recent years, as well as analysis on why they work as an alternative to expensive digital ads.     Original post on Save

  • A collection of recent projects

    A few of our recent projects;   Tetratab   Agilebase Well Water   Kensington   Stitch & co     Think we’re a good match? Tell us about your project.

  • The history of graphic design

    A Stylistic Survey of Graphic Design by Brooklyn’s Pop Chart Lab   Each era is represented by a rectangular box that includes several squares that graphically represent the style described.   The Modern movement, one of the largest movements depicted here, includes Bauhaus, Vorticism, De Stijl, New Typography and Istotope, Constructivism, Suprematicsm, and Futurism. Pop…

  • The risks with safety: developing the brand of the small business for a real return.

    Progress depends on effectiveness of a brand: Does it represent the business? Does it build hype? Brand development centres on creativity. Creativity is art and design, and in the ‘real’ ie. the world outside that of the design industry, these factors are seen in the simple terms of safety and risk.   Developing a business…