Social marketing on a shoe-string – University club set up text-a-toastie

Big businesses who are used to out-spending the competition can struggle to adapt to social media, because it’s a platform where largely, their greatest asset is of no interest. For a message to ‘go viral’, build that holy grail of word-of-mouth endorsement, or become a talking point of interest, creativity needs to be at the heart. Great social messages aren’t forced into success with a jam-packed media plan of old, but with a great idea, that consumers find engaging enough to pass on.


The point was emphasised by a Christian group from the University of the West of England recently, who used a social media campaign to build an instant buzz across the student campus, successfully engaging residents across almost 80% of the halls.

Peer Insight

Student life, and propensity to spend, has changed radically since the Labour Government introduced…


but armed with an intrinsic understanding of their peer groups, this Christian group ran a campaign called ‘Text a Toastie’. Armed with a block of cheese, a mobile phone, and a booming enthusiasm to share the word, they offered free toasties to anyone who texted in a question about God. They’d then cook them a hot melted toastie, run across the campus, and serve it up complete with an answer. The best part? Most of the students didn’t stop there – it prompted intense conversations across the halls, and created a flash-moment where the message made it o-k to have the God conversation.


With this in mind, how could you whip up a frenzy within your market, to become the hot topic of the moment?