The Art of Film Typography

The Bridge (BBC Four) – the latest gripping drama to emerge from Denmark, is set on the Oresund Bridge, which swoops from Copenhagen in Denmark Malmö in Sweden, across the Oresund Strait and is the longest in Europe.


“It’s also the most galumphing piece of symbolism. While Britain’s rail link to France is buried beneath the Channel, hidden from view like a dirty secret, the Scandinavian neighbours flaunt their mutual friendship in this vast concrete handshake that can be seen for miles around.” Benjamin Secher

Airing on Saturday, the atmospheric opening double bill began with the discovery of a chimera of a corpse slap bang at its midpoint.


The opening & closing title sequences of The Bridge on BBC stood out as a great example of well thought out typography. The type and spacing are complimentary to the imagery, and very fitting to the atmospheric essence of the series.



Beautifully shot, The Bridge is more than a detective story – it is a complex tale of two cultures and the chalk & cheese characters are only highlighted in the gulf between the credits. They firmly belong to their side of the bridge.