Facebook let’s users stalk each other with ‘follow actions’

Zuckerberg allows users to follow actions

Facebook have just launched a new feature that lets users follow what strangers and friends alike are doing in real time, with various Facebook applications.


Zuckerberg allows users to follow actions
Zuckerberg allows users to share actions. Image courtesy of guardian.co.uk.


The idea is that with the recently acquired Instagram, and a whole host of other sites dedicated to public sharing, you can choose to include updates on the actions of a specific talented user in your Newsfeed. With the aforementioned Instagram app, you may want to be notified every time an individual photographer uploads a new pic, to create your own personalised picks of interesting content.


The idea helps to democratise fame – allowing users to follow individuals for their own merit, and share the most popular content.


It’s another route to accelerate content going viral, and the next step in Facebook’s Internet sharing model.