Sexy photography from Vitra makes luxury furniture part of your living narrative

Vitra have launched their new Vitra Fiction campaign – publicising iconic classics and current designs with a short video.



After decades of building furniture that holds an air of reverence, Vitra have positioned this very different campaign around the narratives of interaction. Far from the echelons of throne-esque pieces that adorn the rooms of country houses, Fiction shows their pieces becoming part of life.


Scenes bring out the character of humans, being human – involving kids in the sketches to create a still-reserved-but-playful ambiance around the furniture. The campaign uses the narratives to bring the furniture to life, and make it accessible  – to break the connotations of sacramental icons, and nurture a position of luxury ‘props’ in the theatre of life.



With some smooth photography, some rather proper background music, and heavy lighting contrast, the campaign works on the interplay of luxury esteem and real life. That said, I wonder whether Vitra have lost sight of why people buy their design classics. An icon is there to be revered. The rich and famous aren’t picking up La Chaise for their kids to scrabble around in some hearty family time. These pieces are statements. Conversation starters. Ego boosters.


Vitra’s egalitarian market position may not be in the most lucrative part of the market, but perhaps its what the classics demand.