Mums matter. Online chatter reveals important trends in their social media bias.

Having a baby is a major lifestage – and one marked by some major purchases. After the pre-natal bedroom decorating, and the joy of the birth comes a valuable period of mass consumption. From cots to clothes, mums embark on an 18 year long commitment to provide for their spawn, which helps keep the wheels of retail turning.


Significantly, a new report from Nielsen reveals trends in mums social media engagement.


Apart from showing usage trends and platform preference that you might expect (social is increasingly mobile, and mums love their photo albums more than most) the report highlights one major trend. Mums account for one in three bloggers.


One in three. It’s a measure of their engagement online, and their traditional view of content creation. The message to marketers? Engage harder.


Social Media Lives of Mums Online. Image courtesy of