Lynx Anarchy; a heady mix of lust and creativity sends an invisible ad viral

A principle of most marketing plans is to speak to as many people as possible – it’s called broadcast marketing, and it’s great for brand building.


To launch their new range of his and her’s deodorant, Lynx embraced viral in it’s truest sense. They installed an invisible ad, in a house in Australia, and gave passers by magic specs to reveal what was going on inside.



The result?

A critical mass of heavy engaged consumers got wow’ed, and plastered their experiences all over the social internet. Overall, a triumphant PR exercise, leveraging social media to get global brand endorsement from some aspirational young Aussies.


All over a great example of creativity providing a multiplier effect on ad-spend. Now, what could you do to get people talking?


Drawing an Aussie Crowd. Image courtesy of