Heart, Head and Hand – Know your enemies well and your customers better, if you want to make them respond

To start our series on direct response marketing, the first tool you can use to maximise a customers response, is to get to know them. Don’t mis-hear me – spending your budget on market research alone isn’t going to do you favours, but some well informed insights will go a long way in making your marketing work for you.


Knowing your audience delivers a targeted and effective message. Image courtesy of www.themobilefoodguide.com


Relevant features and benefits

With each of your consumer groups in mind, build a sales case of the features and benefits they’ll find most valuable. Are they looking for functional advantages, price point value, or a premium service? Break down a list of your features and benefits, and consider which are relevant to each of your prospects.


One of Kickstarter’s great success stories has been for a folding electric bike, which raised over $25K start up funding, thanks to his ingenious design that addressed the functional needs of the commuter. Tailoring your features and benefits to each of your consumer groups will help you build a stronger drive to respond.


The infamous kickstarter bike with features and benefits at it’s core. Image courtesy of http://kickstarter.com


Use appropriate language

Are your consumer groups marketing cynics, looking for clarity and simplicity in communications, or brand connoisseurs, hoping to engage with a message of aspirational superiority? Graze, the delicious-snacks-by-post company have this to a tee. Using language that evokes a laid-back but perfectly innocent brand positions them brilliantly with a consumer who’s rushed off their feet, and after a healthy treat for elevenses.


Graze’s market-centric copy lures in consumers. Image courtesy of http://graze.com



Apply it

Understand your consumers motivations, and talk to them appropriately. Leveraging what makes them ‘tick’ and the way you talk to them will get them to pick up the phone or walk in store.