Building the brand magic. Oreo’s Daily Twist, a memorable oreo take on something that happens each day.

The launch of the ‘Daily Twist’ website by Oreo demonstrates perfectly how to engage your target market through simplicity and fun.  This playful concept calender represents each day of the year with an Oreo sculpted to show a significant event associated with that particular day.


August 5th; Oreo’s take on the Mars Rover Landing. Image courtesy of


As a single use site the main focus of Daily Twist is to entertain and engage, creating a lasting impression of fun to associate with the brand- encouraging its customers to ‘play with their biscuits’, if you like. As graphics are added daily a consistent level of entertainment is maintained which keeps traffic visiting the site and in contact with the brand.


Oreo develop a playful love with a carefully targeted brand interaction.


Oreo has hit the spot with this concept: appealing to the masses by exploiting the novelty factor of their product.