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Introducing WellWater – our new client, armed with a cause; to drill wells across Africa.

With their first well being drilled in the next month, Well Water approached us to create the collateral for a series of launch events to introduce themselves to the people of Jersey and raise awareness prior to future fund-raising activities.


Having seen first hand the poverty of Burkina Faso, a landlocked nation in Africa, and the fourth poorest country in the world, Well Water was set up to supply clean water to rural communities.


Their first project – to sink a well in a rural village, 6 miles west of the town Koudougou, that will benefit the lives of over 600 children that attend a centre run by Compassion, and 900 adults in the nearby villages.


Designed to be sustainable, the pumps will supply fresh and filtered water over the next 20 years, with locals being trained to maintain the pump whilst children will be educated about hygiene and sanitation.


We’re looking forward to working with Well Water to create a brand and permanent website that will detail the progress of their work, and provide a fundraising platform for the charity.


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