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M&S: Your LoveStory

We designed a high engagement studio concept to try and win a pitch with M&S. It was designed to position Your M&S as the home of love this Valentines day, with shoppers taking part in writing a giant love story, instore.


At the checkout, shoppers are offered a slip to submit the next word on. They contribute to the story, one word at a time, and set the direction of the love tale, making it truly, your M&S.


With the help of a big wall and a carpenter, words are etched in to the wood giving each story a sense of permanence.


The creative execution is designed to fit with M&S’s existing Valentines campaign, to be rolled out across key stores nationwide, and when shopper-crafted love stories are finished, they’ll be bought together in a Little Book of Love.





Carpenters scribe up each word, scratching it into the wood in-store.



The story wall takes shape in key stores around Britain.




Valentine plinths instore promote the LoveStory




Individual products encourage customers to weave them into the story. Pyjamas, chocolates and flowers are all marked up to spark consumers imaginations, and build campaign awareness.




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