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Effective design stems from an informed understanding of the customer

The art form of creating a superior user experience through the interface is something that has become increasingly focused upon by the big business names.

User-interface design enables a truly unique and tailored user experience; be that through marketing or the launch of a product. UI has been harnessed as a means to connect with the consumer in as many ways as possible, making the focus about usability and simplicity. The aim of this is to increase the intuitiveness of the product to create a closely tailored experience for the consumer.

The key design trait in the extensive line of Apple products is simplicity- a characteristic desirable for its increase in accessibility for users – yet amongst this, there is no loss in functionality, making it an obvious case study for the successes of a UI enhanced user experience. As a result, Apple has been able to sustain its market share because it has created an original and efficient model of design can that it can build upon to produce products and indeed shape marketing campaigns.Apple has tuned into the fact that they will save both revenue and retain customer loyalty if they address usability in the initial stages of launch rather than in the redesign process.

However, the lack of first hand interaction that the bug guns have with their consumers means they can be out of touch with the ways in which their products are being experienced. Effective design stems from what is the root of any new design success story: an informed understanding of the customer. So there is no need to leave it to the biggest businesses; who is better placed to directly access their consumers’ needs than the smaller enterprises?

Posted on April 29th, 2013

About Gemma Hayhurst

As lead creative, Gemma's expertise lies in brand development, print and packaging design. Her portfolio includes work on major accounts including WWF, Tesco, and the NHS.

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