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Redistribution of Talent: Angel fund helps designer led businesses to make a broader social impact.

Ben Blumenfeld was one of Facebook’s top designers: spearheading app integration and overseeing the transition to timeline.

Now he leaves the social media giant and refocuses his expertise upon invigorating and equipping young designers with the skills to grow their own successful enterprises.


To do this Ben  has joined with The Designer Fund which is an influential group of designers and has been set up to aid the development of designer’s entrepreneurial skills.



The Designer Fund provides angel funding and mentoring to aid the upstart and development of new businesses in the creative sector. Their mission – to bring cutting edge design to every area of  society: broadening the positive impacts of innovation.


As Blumenfeld says “The reason we want to do this is that we believe the next generation of world changing companies will need to have design as a core part of their DNA.”



“Design is: does it improve people’s lives? Are you solving a problem that exists? Are you making their lives better?”. Ben says “Are you empathizing with them? Are you creating something that’s beautiful and fun to use and delightful to use?”


Check it out here: http://blog.designerfund.com/one-last-flyby

Posted on August 13th, 2012

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