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Loyalty and longevity sometimes seem forgotten in the cut throat business and marketing worlds.

But without them, there is increased danger of a business being thwarted or outdone by the latest craze.


For a brand to transcend the shifting trends of the market it needs to have clarity: understanding the personality of the business inspires confidence in their services. For this to be achieved successfully, it is important that each area of the company is aligned in its appearance, goals and values. Then, with this in place, the company can increase public familiarity and trust: confidently put themselves in the limelight and spreading the brand name to achieve visual status.



Strategic marketing is not something that only focuses on advertising the best bits of your business, but also creating and sustaining relationships with the target consumer base.


Social media goes beyond the corporate facade, and ensures that clients feel more involved with the service that they are paying for: a two-way channel. Constant updates via  networks such as twitter won’t serve as a hard sales tool but are a great way to interact and engage with customers on another level. Some corporate outfits can seem inaccessible or only about the appearance, so social media is a great way to make to make each client feel important- the ‘let them know you care’ cliche is there for a reason.



How does your business interact with the individual?



Posted on August 28th, 2012

About Dave Hayhurst

Dave is head strategist and account manager at Marriage. He has extensive experience in consumer marketing, from executing campaigns in the national press, direct mail with Sky TV and digital marketing in the mobile app space.

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