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Juicy Couture is a contemporary casual wear and dressy apparels seller, engaging with consumers and considering touchpoints at the point of purchase.

In a retail environment flooded with competition and only a fancier bottle design and some wild creative or eye catching advertising to stand out with, getting customers to test perfumes and experience the product takes them further along the decision journey closer to a point of purchase.


Their single tester card is designed to be rolled out to accompany their core perfumes. Rather than have a specific card for each variant, as a lot of brands opt for where one will do, Juicy Couture embrace a well though out, but simply designed solution that allows a single card to provide the service for all their scents. Whilst often faced with having to use a card for a different scent and left struggling to remember which was which – this card offers the user the chance to mark their spray.



Without using a pen, this design is simple and in no way groundbreaking – but it does make the experience just a bit smarter and it’s nice to see companies thinking about it’s customers.

Posted on May 5th, 2012

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